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Vivian Nguyen

Welcome to the University of Sydney!

My name’s Vivian Nguyen and I’m the 2024 President of the Sydney University Business Society (SUBS), the official faculty society for the Business School.

Remember how the world seemed so much bigger when you were 5? Well, starting your university journey will reinvigorate similar feelings of unfamiliarity and vastness. My first time on campus was marked by the certainty of getting lost between classes, in awe of how big everything seemed again and the nerves that inevitably come with your first day of anything. But I was excited by the prospect that this feeling mirrored an earlier stage in life that had become a cherished distant memory.

While I understand the sentiment that life can only be understood backwards, it should be lived forwards.

Enter SUBS – a pivotal piece in the tapestry of university life, which promises a continuous source of anticipation and gives you a reason to look towards the future. SUBS is more than just a student-run society, we’re a dynamic hub of creativity, collaboration, and growth.

Live out your dream university experience (as seen in movies) with our first years camp, annual cruise, end of semester parties, pub crawls or our ball gala at the end of the year. Jump into the deep end and form lifelong friendships - you’ve got everything to gain and nothing to lose.

But remember, balance is key!

On the flipside, SUBS encourages scholastic excellence and will help you kickstart your professional career through key events such as High Achievers Breakfast, Happy Hour Hustle, case competitions and firm-specific stalls. Notably, SUBS boasts an impressive list of sponsors including top global investment banks, consulting firms, technology companies, FMCG companies and marketing firms.

For the sport enthusiasts, SUBS runs interfaculty sports every week, where you can represent the Business School and spark some friendly rivalry against the law, arts, engineering and science faculties. If bragging rights and a shiny trophy aren’t enough to rope you in, I’m not sure what will!

This is your stomping ground for the next few years. Subvert the narrative of ‘cool nonchalance’ and never shy away from giving your best or exploring those bolder ideas. Those who actively pursue their goals are the ones deeply involved in our SUBS community and featured as guest speakers at our networking events.

On that closing note, SUBS is so excited to welcome you into our family. Here’s to 2024!

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